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Laser Shows - Color your Event!

A professional laser show is something very special and still an extraordinary experience. The audiences of laser shows get always fascinated by the colors of the laser beams, piercing through rooms and spaces. Laser shows are not like other performances, taking place on stages far away from the audiences, rather people get involved into the show and feel like being in the center of it. That's why laser shows are so popular.

There are many different ways and possibilities in running a laser show. Mostly beam shows run in combination with music or sounds as well as fog or hace. Music intensifies feelings and emotions of the colors and the moves of the laser beams. At the same time music events, concerts etc. can be supported by laser beams as beam colors and the motion speed of the laser beams can be synchronized according to the music.
Fog and hace is absolutely necessary to display the laser beams as the beams need something to get reflected. Fog or hace are the ideal reflection surfaces.
Multimedia shows with laser lights and further effects like sounds, pyrotechnics, lightings, water, fog and hace as well as different projection surfaces are very popular too. Lasertainment provides highly divers multimedia shows and various effect combinations according to customer's requirements.

Laser shows don't need to be pure beam shows. In addition to it there are also laser projection shows, which can be run as own shows or in combination with a beam show. The difference between beam shows (whereby the laser beams get projected towards the audience) and projection shows is that projection shows need a projection surface like screens, walls, hills or mountains, water or another surface, displaying grapics .

The kinds of events where laser shows can be shown, ist very versatile. A few examples for laser shows, provided by Lasertainment is shown below. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need some more information or have special wishes. We can help you and we will color your event!

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Lasertainment is your professional laser show provider

Lasertainment has experience of about 30 years in doing laser shows. We provide state of the art laser shows for a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams and sporting events like the Olympics, Super Bowls, Final Four and All Star Games. We are very proud to offer laser shows for highly diverse events, starting with private parties and clubs, to concerts and festivals, up to large multimedia and outdoor shows. Even events like fashion shows, product launches and further advertising can be boosted by a professional laser show.

You plan an unforgettable event with a laser and/or a mulitmedia show? No problem! All of our custormers get a comprehensive consultation and we will find the very best solution for your event. 

For all of our laser shows, we fully rely on the professional laser light systems, manufactured by Ray Technologies (RTI) in Germany.

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We find the perfect laser show solution for your event

Each event is different and the requirements are never the same. Therefore it is not possible to provide only one laser show concept for all events. Lasertainment provides custom-made laser show solutions, depending on customer's wishes. What types of laser show do we provide:

Individual laser show solutions

We provide individual and custom-made laser show solutions, which are time coded. That means that the laser show will be planed and programmed prior the event. A individual laser show of Lasertainment contains:
  • Customer advice and determine of customer's wishes
  • Planning and conception of the laser show (incl. storybook)
  • Fixing of the stage and the show scenes together with the customer
  • Programming of the laser show (and additional effects)
  • On-site setup
  • Health and safety training and consulting
  • Implementation of the laser show

Standardized preset laser show solutions

Lasertainment offers a wide range of own laser shows. If there is no need for a newly programmed laser show customers have the opportunity to choose from a range of our laser shows that can be shown at their events. A standardised preset laser show contains:
  • Customer advice and determine of customer's wishes
  • Selection of the laser show from the Lasertainment show pool by the customer
  • Show conception and on-site setup
  • On-site setup of the laser show equipment
  • Health and safety training and consulting
  • Implementation of the laser show

Live laser shows

At some events, like festivals or live gigs, it is necessary to have a live laser show to synchronize the laser lights to the music. An individual live laser performance consists of:
  • Customer advice and determine of customer's wishes
  • Planning and conception of the live laser show
  • On-site setup of the laser show equipment
  • Health and safety training and consulting
  • live laser operation by experienced Lasertainment staff during the show
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Laser Shows - Fields of Application

Laser shows are suitable for almost every kind of event: Small or big events, outdoor or indoor, public or private, festivals or even for advertising purposes. Lasertainment provides solutions for all kinds! Get an idea of what we can do and click on the different fields of application below:

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